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qSorry, my mind has been blank for a few days. I feel tired all the time for some stupid reason. Anyway, I'm dropping chem and going to have some more time to do things. Over winter break my friends and I are planning to go down to a little bunny hill in Michigan and rent a dirt nasty house with a hot tub and sauna and everything. It's going to be pretty insane, kinda like a five day par-tay.

I was reading Jillan's blog and she said that she takes offense to my previous comment (well, not actual offense, but like a half reaction, on one hand she acknowledges the trend but on the other hand isn't necessarily appreciative of the "this is arts student's fate" attitude, which contrary to what you may think I do not have). But anyway, she asked a question along the lines of "do engineering students not need creativity?" Which is a valid question, but I propose that sciences and mathematics and engineering all take a whole different kind of creativity. Instead of a blank canvas there are rules, and to be a valuable and sought after engineer you need to be able to break and follow the rules at the same time. Creativity with parameters that can only be changed through trial and error. I don't know, work is about to end and I'm leaving.

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