What animal would you like to see domesticated?



Sorry I've been a little distant, I've been getting my shit together to go to bonnaroo. Pertaining to the previous statement, I won't be around til the 13th, see you then!


New Song

Here's a song I'm working on. Definitely going to end up rerecording and such.

Brighter Love by Yukon Ho!


Sorry to everyone who commented on the post with the Jefferson Airplane song, blogger isn't letting me view the comments...lame.

Modern World

everyone has a selling point



Today. Ah, today. I have two training sessions, but really all that means is HAPPY MONEYMAKING! Ahahahahaha. lulz. But really, now is my only time to chill out for the next 8 hours. Here's a classic tune to keep you fools entertained for a second.



I'm going to start using this as a platform for my writing. Here are two versions of a poem I wrote, one strictly imagist and the other I deviate from the imagist values.

brown, used coffee grounds
cover the surface of a blue and green trash bin
morning mist
sticks to the man in gray
drinking from a mug


Brown, used coffee grounds
are piled up to the edge of the rim
on our blue and green trash bin.
Hazy morning mist sticks to the man
wearing the gray flannel suit
standing on the corner
drinking from a mug



Today was a good day. I was going to go to training and then it was canceled and instead I went and jammed with Kurt and Sam. We did a little flamenco. Here's some Paco De Lucia


showed up again this morning at 8 am and no one was there again...very frustrating. about to go to training for my second job...how lovely.


man, today i have to go to work at 8 am again. i really hope people are actually there today.


effing went to train today at 7 am and i guess memorial day is a national holiday and we didn't need to show up...didn't get the memo.


incredible song here

finally back home after six nights out


well i'm back in my house now for dinner but then i'm out again. shiiiit. at least i'm eating a bagel right now. yum. breakfast sammiches.


fuck the world...my life is falling apart between my eyes and i can't even tell if i care. i feel like melting into nothing. cutting through the red tape and falling into the abyss. crossing the line, dotting my 'i's and crossing my 't's and living alone in a hole in the ground for the rest of eternity. god mother fucking damn it all. no one to talk to. no one to trust. no one to love. am i delusional or disillusioned? either way i feel as if i'm already fading out. ready to phase out. cutting is the new craze now. which is crazy whichever way you slice the cake. hopefully it's just another phase, starting to fade like the delusions i was led to believe and the illusions passed for genuine. all i want is unadulterated love, the cheesy kind. the kind where you say you'd trust your other with your life and that they're you're best friend and you could talk to them forever. god mother fucking damn it all. they say death brings you to a better place but i doubt it, just a hole in the ground for the rest of eternity. you spend your final days crossing your 't's and dotting your 'i's, or maybe when you were crossing the street you crossed the line and were crushed by a truck and now there's red tape all around you and you're gasping for breath and so desperately trying to claw your way out of the abyss as everything around you slowly but surely melts away into nothing. you hope people care and think you weren't a failure but in the end your life is falling apart in front of your eyes and you don't even realize...fuck the world

please help me



I have to say, one of my favorite things about being up here is the blackness of the sky. It's always sunset in Chicago.


lazy sunday

2011 playoffs, quite the classic year Jets/Patriots huge rivalry, Baltimore/Pittsburgh huge rivalry, Aaron Rodgers and the slackers pick apart #1 Atlanta, Seattle upsets New Orleans, Jets huge win after losing earlier meeting in the season 45-3, Steelers take the Ravens from behind for a heartbreaking romp, Bears manhandle Seattle, Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears oldest rivalry in the NFL next Sunday for NFC Championship game. Da Bears. Fuck yeah.


If there is anything smoking has taught me, it's to not mind the cold.


back to school

my winter break was fun. it was full of international debauchery. now i'm back at school. it is also full of international debauchery. imagine the possibilities.

The World's Deepest Bin from Ibrahim Nergiz on Vimeo.