What animal would you like to see domesticated?


lazy sunday

90's classic


lazy sunday

2011 playoffs, quite the classic year Jets/Patriots huge rivalry, Baltimore/Pittsburgh huge rivalry, Aaron Rodgers and the slackers pick apart #1 Atlanta, Seattle upsets New Orleans, Jets huge win after losing earlier meeting in the season 45-3, Steelers take the Ravens from behind for a heartbreaking romp, Bears manhandle Seattle, Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears oldest rivalry in the NFL next Sunday for NFC Championship game. Da Bears. Fuck yeah.


If there is anything smoking has taught me, it's to not mind the cold.


back to school

my winter break was fun. it was full of international debauchery. now i'm back at school. it is also full of international debauchery. imagine the possibilities.

The World's Deepest Bin from Ibrahim Nergiz on Vimeo.