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i'm going to (legit) get committed to blogging

Well, this weekend I went to Nordegg with Mikki and Jillan, which was a whole lot of fun even though I couldn't drink or smoke. It wasn't too bad, although at one point I found myself smelling Mikki and Jillan's vodka, and I was very close to saying "fuck it" and finishing it off but I couldn't let everyone down. Again. Anyway, now I'm pretty much looking forward to going home. Top ten things I'm looking forward to getting home for:

10. eating a real fucking hot dog from Mustard's Last Stand
9. getting some Chipotle
8. crossroads trading company
7. getting stoned in the cay and practicing ghost hits
6. going to Michigan with my friends
5. getting hammered and rambunctious at Karl's
4. ingesting copious amounts of drugs until it feels like I've died and everything goes away
3. seeing all of my friends again and finally being able to feel relaxed and at ease
2. seeing my family
1. seeing my Annimal!

In other news I have lost all motivation with school. In the past two weeks I have been to math once and went to my physics lab. I ditched english (didn't turn in the essay that was due last week and I'm still barely halfway done with) and haven't done any physics or math homework for a good two weeks either. For some reason I really just kinda don't give a fuck. Huh, strange. NOT! HA. My parents always thought it was all the pot smoking that made me apathetic but if anything I feel more inclined to do my homework to make up for all the pot smoking. I dunno. I'm starting to feel horribly depressed due to a variety of reasons and really feel quite hopeless. I need to do something constructive but I don't know what. I think I will write a bucket list.

Death is really a continuation of life.

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